domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Off topic content / Music

Sorry bros, I had to share this dj set by aciddann. This is playing over and over at my house!


01.Extrawelt - One tree hill(intro)
02.Santiago Salazar - Arcade
03.Avus - Nonse Sence (Magnus Sex Hugs Rock&Roll mix)
04.Cursor Miner - Exult
05.The Tuss - Rushup i bank12
06.Populous with short stories - Raimondo *
07.Margot - Goblin Think(Original Mix)
08.Hot Chip - One pure thought (Supermayer remix)
09.Pivot - Fool in rain
10.Pepe - Primisoli
11.Luke Abbott - Little Wonderment **
12.Outmessage - Sommeil
13.Point 7 - Space Formula
14.Moderat - Porc # 2
15.Mercury Rev - Senses on Fire(James Holden Remix)
16.Nathan Fake - Fentiger
17.James T. Cotton - Lojak Part 1
18.Caribou - Niobe ***
*.Diana Troi speaks about Music(sample from "StarTrek Next Generation")
**.Extrawelt - One tree hill - sample
***.Ken Kesey speaks about Perception(sample from "The Beyond Within" movie)

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