segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010

Have you heard the news?

Dj Fresh's new album is out and you can download "Factory" for free!

Sounds sexy!

The Black Eyed Peas just lost it.

WHAT THE FUCK? Too much crack cocaine or what? I knew BEP sucked but this is just too much.

New release on Border Community!

That's right folks, there's a new release on James Holden's Border Community!

Read it on BC's blog

Offtopic Content / Sub Focus

He looks like a douchebag (wtf those glasses) but this mix is pretty great.

Sorry but the soundcloud file got deleted!

domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Info #3

Life Hacking Top Tips

Fuck yeah this guy is the best.

Blogspot reduces the image, check out this link for full view:

Off topic content / Music

Sorry bros, I had to share this dj set by aciddann. This is playing over and over at my house!


01.Extrawelt - One tree hill(intro)
02.Santiago Salazar - Arcade
03.Avus - Nonse Sence (Magnus Sex Hugs Rock&Roll mix)
04.Cursor Miner - Exult
05.The Tuss - Rushup i bank12
06.Populous with short stories - Raimondo *
07.Margot - Goblin Think(Original Mix)
08.Hot Chip - One pure thought (Supermayer remix)
09.Pivot - Fool in rain
10.Pepe - Primisoli
11.Luke Abbott - Little Wonderment **
12.Outmessage - Sommeil
13.Point 7 - Space Formula
14.Moderat - Porc # 2
15.Mercury Rev - Senses on Fire(James Holden Remix)
16.Nathan Fake - Fentiger
17.James T. Cotton - Lojak Part 1
18.Caribou - Niobe ***
*.Diana Troi speaks about Music(sample from "StarTrek Next Generation")
**.Extrawelt - One tree hill - sample
***.Ken Kesey speaks about Perception(sample from "The Beyond Within" movie)

Info #2

Living while dreaming!

Pretty awesome tip. I tend to use it to pratice real life skills (it's an awesome way to learn). Make your sleep profitable.

Info #1


The world is a pretty violent place. Follow these tips for self defense (just please avoid killing the poor soul!).